The right way to back up your private key

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Don’t reveal your private key to anyone!

After understanding the importance of backing up the private key, some viewers asked, “What is the right posture to back up the private key?” “Take you to know the correct posture for backing up your private key today.

Screenshot backup: As the name implies, screenshot backup is the private key page screenshot, and then the screenshot saved private key backup method. I believe that screenshot backup is the routine operation of many friends, but this backup method brings great convenience at the same time, at the expense of security, whether the screenshot exists on the phone, computer or uploadto to the network album, are faced with various risks:
(1) Risk of cell phone loss

(2) Risk of computers being manipulated by hackers

(3) Risk of theft of online album accounts

It is precisely because of the universality of this approach, some wallets have even introduced the “mnemonic screenshots are void” function, this way of insecurity can be seen. We strongly recommend that you abandon this backup method and explore new backup postures.

Hardware Wallet Backup: Hardware Wallet Backup is the backup of your account to your hardware wallet, which can then be restored or synced to a new device with a hardware wallet, with much greater security than screenshot backup. Most of the hardware wallets use multiple encryption, private key information is backed up and stored in the hardware wallet chip, the hardware wallet is a separate existence of the wallet.

But higher security also means higher costs, and users need to invest a fortune in a hardware wallet. But! We have spent a lot of money to buy digital assets, and then spend a portion of the funds to improve the security of assets is also acceptable – after all, digital assets have no physical, lost later to find back is not so easy.

Copy backup: hand copy backup than screenshot backup is more secure, more economical than the hardware wallet, is a more reasonable backup method, but because the accuracy of manual copy is no more than machine copy, so need to pay special attention:
(1) Make the handwriting clear in the process of copying
(2) Carefully distinguish the case of the English letters, so that they are consistent with the original private key
(3) Paper copying the private key should be stored in a safe and secure place
If it is really not confident in their own handwriting, you can print out the private key and save, but in the printing process also be careful about the private key leakage Oh

Write at the end
Each of these three common backup methods has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of the final backup method is in everyone’s hands. This cute recommends that you use different methods to back up the private key, and private key backup in different secure locations, to achieve the highest security factor. Property safety is not a play, we must pay attention to duck! So, how do you back up your private key? Leave me a message.

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